Horizon Models - Superb Plastic Model Spacecraft!

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Relive the Dawn of the Space Race with these exciting new 1/72 scale model kits from Horizon Models...

                                    ...Begin your journey today!

Enter our 2018 Horizon Models Space Pioneers Competition!

Enter your built up Horizon Models kits now by emailing us at

sales@horizon-models.com with a photo and a short story telling us why you built that model. Each one of our three 2018 Horizon Models Space Pioneers will receive one of each of our model kits:

  • #2001 Convair SM-65D Atlas ICBM
  • #2002 Mercury™-Atlas
  • #2003 Mercury™ Spacecraft
  • #2004 Mercury™-Redstone
  • #2005 Redstone Launcher (coming soon!)...

...PLUS One of each unique NEW KIT we release over the next 12 months! We'll also announce three runners-up who will each receive one copy of the next kit we release. Condition apply, click here for details.

New reduced pricing from October 1st, 2018 on our existing range!

Our Products are shown below - On sale and shipping now!

Convair SM-65D Atlas


Mercury™ Redstone

Mercury™ Spacecraft

Coming soon from Horizon Models - the 1/72 Redstone Launcher!

With parts and decals to build any ONE of the following versions:

  • Juno I with Explorer I satellite (Jupiter-C)
  • US Army PGM-11 Redstone IRBM
  • Sparta

More details coming soon!