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1/72 Spacecraft Series





Relive the Dawn of the Space Race with our exciting new 1/72 scale Mercury™-Atlas model kit...

                       ...begin your journey today!

Special Price ending March 31st, 2021, or whilst stocks last

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All new 1/72 Mercury™-Atlas Plastic Model Kit

Mankind has always dreamed of space travel, to explore the moon and visit the distant planets. From 1962 this dream began to turn into reality, as the first Americans orbited the Earth using the Mercury™- Atlas. Flying solo, they would pilot the Mercury™ capsule, which sat on top of the mighty Convair Atlas rocket, and experience extreme acceleration during the rapid ascent into space. Travelling at over 27,500 kilometres per hour, they would orbit the earth every 90 minutes. Upon re-entry, the ablative shield on the outside of their capsule would save them from temperatures of over 1,000 degrees Celsius. Once in Earth's atmosphere, a large parachute would slow them and their capsule to a safe speed, allowing a splash down in the ocean. The successful Mercury™ program paved the way for more ambitious manned spaceflight programs, which eventually saw man walk on the moon.


Photo of painted and assembled model*
*Test shots shown - actual model may vary slightly from photo

Decals and Instructions (2.1MB)

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  • Detailed Mercury™ capsule with shingles and bolts
  • Atlas rocket features separately moulded pressure & fuel lines
  • Finely engraved recessed panel lines
  • Parts and decals included to build any Mercury™-Atlas mission
  • Alternate parts for early porthole and boilerplate capsules
  • Display stand and detailed instructions included
  • High quality water-slide decals
  • Photo-etch parts for Mercury™ capsule

Length:         approx 350mm (13.8") to 412mm (16.2") (without stand)
Diameter:     42mm (1.7")

Width:           67mm (2.6")
Parts:            54

Made in Australia

Decals printed in USA by Microscale Industries

Special Price ending March 31st, 2021, or whilst stocks last

 Just US $39.95* per kit with FREE postage!

(RRP US $54.95*)

*GST of 10% added to Australian addresses.
*All prices are in US$ and do not include customs/import/duties/taxes, etc.

For Australian customers who would prefer to pay in Australian dollars, please click here.

LOCKHEED MARTIN®, ATLAS®, associated emblems and logos, and body designs of vehicles are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Lockheed Martin Corporation in the USA and/or other jurisdictions, used under license by Horizon Models Pty Ltd.

Produced under license.

Boeing, McDonnell, Mercury, their distinctive logos, product markings and trade dress are trademarks of The Boeing Company.


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ModelingMadness.com - Review by Scott Van Aken (Jan 2016):

"The Mercury is on a single large sprue that includes not only a display stand but also the body of the 'boiler plate' version. Each capsule is built up around a central core section that mounts onto the heat shield. There are three 'fuselage' sections that are attached.
There is a launch tower made of three support pieces that are glued together and atop that is a five piece rocket pack that consists of two halves and three nozzles. A spike fits atop that. There is a single casting retrorocket pack that fits to the underside of the heat shield. A nicely done photo etch fret is included that includes the wiring for the escape tower, the straps for the retro rocket, the round windows for the early Mercury launches, some capsule braces for the early launches, a nose cap for the orbital and re-entry versions and other smaller bits.
The Atlas comes in two halves and one needs to open various holes in order to properly model the rocket. There are differences in the lower section depending on which mission you are modeling. You can model both the test or 'boiler plate' missions, the Enos the Chimp mission or any of the manned missions. The instructions provide detailed information on these so you need to make your choice early and pay attention during the build. All the mission names are provided. Note that there are also changes to the capsule as early missions had round windows and later ones had more trapezoidal windows. The kit also includes a nice base, something required for the Atlas due to a rather prominent vent pipe that sticks below the main engine nozzles.
Instructions are nicely printed and are actually quite detailed. As mentioned all the differences between missions are annotated as well as any modifications required. Since the Atlas is festooned with data and warning markings, you'll find a rather large decal sheet. This sheet is superbly printed and includes all the markings you'll need. A very detailed placement and painting guide is part of the instructions. Note that some of the markings need to be installed prior to the installation of some of the long pipes on the outside of the Atlas.
If you are a real space modeler, this is a kit you really need to have in your collection. In fact, you really need four of them to duplicate the four Mercury-Atlas missions. The end result will be a very nice model and one that is fairly tall."